YouTube Italy – Immerse Yourself in the Culture and Language

YouTube Italy

You may not be able to jet off to Italy for your language learning, but Tutto YouTube offers an incredible way to immerse yourself in the culture and language. There are tons of channels with content ranging from basic vocabulary lessons to full-blown conversations and even some quirky humor. Some are entirely in Italian, while others are a little more accessible to beginner learners. Check out some of our favorite YouTubers to start your journey.

For beginners, Graziana at My Italian Lessons is the place to begin. Her videos are clearly explained in English, while using Italian vocabulary woven throughout. Veronica at LearnAmo is another great resource for beginners and intermediates. Her lessons are a bit more comprehensive, with a focus on grammar and useful phrases.

YouTube Italia: Navigating the Platform’s Role in Shaping Italian Media Consumption

Favij is a great option for video game lovers and has some random humor videos mixed in. For those more interested in history, NovaLectio shares insights into moments that might have changed the course of history, while Link4Universe will help feed your knowledge of astronomy and space exploration.

Tia Taylor, an American transplant in Rome, has lots of content for both newbies and more seasoned students. Her content includes tips and tricks on a variety of topics, from makeup to travel. Plus, her adorable American accent is sure to make you smile!

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