The Benefits of MUGA Fencing

muga fencingMuga fencing  isn’t a new phenomenon; it has become a staple in sports facilities all around the world. Designed to separate different areas in a single facility for multiple games, muga fences enhance security and safety. They also reduce noise and distraction, meaning that the quality of play can improve drastically.

There are a variety of MUGA fencing options to choose from, depending on the type of sport that is going to be played in the area, as well as the standards you need to meet with regards to impact and visibility. For example, you might want to opt for fencing that has been designed specifically for the game of tennis, with slightly smaller apertures which will make it more difficult for stray balls to pass through them.

Unleashing the Potential of MUGA Pitches: Sports, Recreation, and More

Alternatively, you could go for a standard twin bar weldmesh MUGA fencing system which is typically 3 metres in height and will fulfil all of the ball retention and visibility requirements. However, it can still be susceptible to unwanted climbers which is where the Insight Roller Barrier anti-climb system comes in – this innovative security solution presents an unstable and rotating fence-top which cannot be gripped or scaled unlike spiked barrier solutions.

The beauty of a MUGA is that it offers the opportunity to combine multiple sports in one space which isn’t only great for schools but for community and sporting clubs. So, it’s important that you get the right MUGA fencing in place to ensure maximum performance and safety for everyone who uses it.

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