Psychologists in Ballarat

Psychology is a science and a profession devoted to understanding how people think, feel, behave, learn, and how biological influences, social pressures, and environmental factors affect them. It also offers insights into how we can understand others, improve ourselves, and live more fulfilling lives. Find out

Mental health psychologists provide a range of services for children and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues. Many of them work within a multidisciplinary team of professionals, which means patients are paired with the clinician most appropriate for their specific condition and individual needs.

How to Choose the Right Psychologist for You in Ballarat, VIC

Psychologists in Ballarat specialize in helping those with a range of conditions such as chronic and persistent anxiety, depression, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep problems, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and other emotional and behavioural concerns. They can offer a wide range of services including cognitive assessment, therapy, group work, family counselling and other therapeutic interventions.

Counselling is a short term, goal oriented form of treatment that can help to address unhelpful or unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. It is based on the belief that individuals are a person beyond their symptoms, and works to develop trusting and collaborative relationships that enable clients to be empowered to change their negative behaviours & thoughts, and to experience a healthier way of being.

Therapy can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit clients, including online or over the phone. It is important to find a therapist who is comfortable with the modalities you would like to use and can create a strong therapeutic alliance with you or your loved one.

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