Pest Control in the Northern Beaches

Pest Control in the Northern Beaches

Whether you are moving to the Northern Beaches or bug control have lived there for years, it is important to seek Northern Bays pest control services if you suspect your home is infested with pests. If you have a pet, you should clean up after it as well as the areas under the furniture. Never leave food or pet waste on the floor. De-clutter your home and make sure you don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

During the winter, you can expect to see more rodents and cockroaches. These creatures seek shelter from the cold and rain. Once a heavy rain falls, cockroaches breed rapidly and their population can explode! Spiders can also be found in the Northern Beaches. A general pest treatment can help keep these insects away for months. While a specific treatment is not necessary, it may be beneficial to have regular yearly visits from a Northern Beaches pest control service.

A professional pest control service in the Northern Beaches can prevent structural damage caused by termites. Termites are wood-devouring insects, which can compromise the physical integrity of your home. Look for signs of termite infestations, including sagging floors, small pinpoint holes in the drywall, bubbling paint, and damaged wood trim. These are all indicators of termite infestations, and a trained professional can quickly identify them and remove them.

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