How to Make a 2D or 3D PVC Patch

3d pvc patch

3d pvc patches are a great way to brand a variety of clothing items and accessories. These include hats, sports bags, and jackets. They are also popular in the military for morale patches and other activities that require rugged wear. They are not as expensive as embroidered or chenille patches. These patches can be made in many different colors, and they are often embroidered with a sew-line for easy attachment to your clothes. They also come with a variety of backing options, including Velcro.

There are two main types of pvc patches: 2D and 3D. 2D pvc patch designs are flat and have layers and levels but look like a regular patch when looked at from the side. They are great for all kinds of designs including text based patches with faces and other objects. The Anaheim Police patch below is a good example. The patch looks 2D from the front but the rhino, flags, and other aspects are raised above the base layer which makes it a 3D design.

Crafting Tradition: Custom-Made Military Patches

Both 2D and 3D pvc patch designs require a base layer. This can either be in a contrasting color or it can be the same as the design. Regardless of which type of patch you choose, it is essential to have a background color that will allow your designs to stand out and be seen. This is why most customers choose a white background for their patches. This color will show the best on dark backgrounds and will contrast well with light ones.

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