How to Choose the Best Options Service

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If you are new to the best options service trading world, it is important to know what to look for in a service. These services provide alerts about potential trades and help traders research them. You should know that these services are not a straight path to success, and you should not blindly follow their recommendations. There are many risks involved with making decisions based on advice provided by a service. If you follow their recommendations blindly, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Find Potential Trading Opportunities

A service like Optionsonar is a good example of an automated options trading system. It uses browser-based software to analyze options market activity. It uses a scanning tool to identify large movements in the market and the trading activity of institutional investors. It also has an options block trade screener and an order flow screener that lets users customize parameters to find potential trading opportunities. There are also watchlists available that let subscribers keep track of stocks they are interested in.

Market Chameleon is a comprehensive analysis tool. Subscriptions are priced at $99 per month. Members can unlock the Stock Trader, Options Trader, and Earnings Trader modules. A trial is available for free, and it allows members to access full features. InsiderFinance is a unique service that does not follow the traditional options advisory service model. It focuses on smart money from institutions and aims to find the best possible option trades.

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