Explore Intimate Locations of South Wales From Cowra Hotels

Located on the fringe of the Arabian Sea, Cowra hotels is a beautiful and charming resort town on the Kerala Backwater. The lovely lakes, the majestic hills and the refreshing climate make cowra a perfect holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. One of the major tourist attractions of cowra backwater is the Vembanad Lake which is an artificial lake that is built in the shape of a lake created thousands of years back by human beings. The enchanting lakes, tranquil surroundings and the refreshing climate are major reasons why visitors from all over the world come to Kerala to spend their vacations in Cowra. One of the most exciting ways to spend your holidays in cowra is by staying in one of the Vembanad Lake’s motor inn motor homes.

How to Explore Intimate Locations of South Wales From Cowra Hotels

Just a drive away from the Vembanad Lake, you will find a new South Wales based tourist attraction called The Rose Garden. It is located in Aluva beach and is an extraordinary artificial setting located on a terrace above a large expanse of sand. It was built many decades back during the period of World War II and it is still being enjoyed by its adventurous and enthusiastic enthusiasts. The Rose Garden has an amazing assortment of exotic flora & fauna and the Botanic Gardens. All of these tourist attractions can be best experienced by staying at one of the many Vembanad motor inns located just a few kilometers away from The Rose Garden.

The beautiful Vembanad Lake, The Rose Garden and the other natural beauty and attractions of South Wales create an ideal holiday retreat for holiday makers and tourists who are spending some quality time on vacation in Kerala. Most of the South Wales motor inns and luxury resorts offer magnificent and elegant accommodation facilities at reasonable rates. One such popular South Wales tourist resort is the Holiday Inn Cowra Alleppey. This five star hotel has a number of luxury guestrooms that are sure to please even the harshest critics. The holiday inns in Cowra have state of the art recreational facilities like swimming pools and spas that will please all vacationers.

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