eToro Copy Trader Review

eToro Copy Trades social trading review is a free, internet-based service, which enables its users to trade in the Forex market. The service offers its users an online account which will allow them to manage their investments online. This makes it easy for investors, especially day traders, to manage their investments on a daily basis without leaving the comforts of their own homes. eToro Copy Trader also offers its clients educational materials such as tutorials on how to manage their investments. These are particularly useful for beginners as they may not be familiar with the market and may find it difficult to make investment decisions.

Why it is Being Recommended to Experienced Traders?

Investors who choose to trade using the eToro Copy Trader will be able to take advantage of a variety of tools which are specially designed to help them track the movement of various stock indices and currency pairs. These include the “share” tool which helps investors to track the movement of the major share indexes such as the Dow, the NASDAQ and the Russell. Another tool includes the “ecurrency pairs” tool which allows investors to track the movements of the major currency pairs including the US Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen and the GBP. The eToro Copy Trader also provides its clients with educational videos and tips via its website. The website also features a newsletter sent to you by email every day.

The newsletter is sent once per week and contains information on where the market’s strongest and weakest stocks are situated. This will enable you to choose when to buy or sell your stocks. The Copy Trader also offers advice on what stocks to buy based on the stock indices which are displayed on its website. The program has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results which you obtain from the service. However, this money back guarantee does not include any interest or fees charged by the company. The program has been downloaded hundreds of times and thousands of people have had great success with it.

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