Diesel Tuning Australia

Diesel engines have more torque than petrol cars which allows them to pull heavier loads and go faster. They are also able to burn fuel at lower temperatures. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t need some love and care. Whether you have a Euro performance hatch or 4WD tourer, we can perform an ecu remap that’ll increase power, boost torque and improve your vehicle’s efficiency.

Unlike petrol vehicles, diesel tuning Australia | Willys Workshop engine tuning is relatively safe. But, as with any chip tune, it’s important to know how much power you’re pushing through the system and what your vehicle’s limitations are. This will prevent you from causing massive amounts of black smoke or damaging your engine and transmission.

Boosting Performance: The Benefits of Chip Tuning Services in Brisbane

The most common cause of excessive black smoke is driving around town and not allowing your diesel car’s DPF to properly burn soot off. It can also be caused by not having enough heat in your exhaust system which causes your diesel car’s DPF to clog up or overheat.

Increasing your vehicle’s power through a chip tune will likely reduce emissions, especially as the engine is running at better conditions. However, it’s important to remember that extra power and torque will wear components like your engine and transmission faster. This is why we always recommend pairing your remap with a high quality performance exhaust upgrade to make the biggest difference. It’s also a good idea to replace your air filter on a regular basis, as dirty filters won’t allow the engine to breathe properly and will restrict power.

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