Becoming a Computer Technician

Computers have become a critical component of daily life on a global basis. The more sophisticated these computers and technology devices become, the greater the need for knowledgeable technicians who can resolve issues quickly. Whether working for a large corporation in an IT department or running your own computer repair shop, a career as a computer technician can be rewarding and profitable.

Why is computer technician important?

A computer technician helps install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software systems. They often work with customers to ensure their computer problems are understood and resolved quickly. They often have to communicate with customers over the phone or in person to gather detailed information and explain technical terms and concepts. This can be challenging for some people who are not comfortable with these interactions. I wondered where my cha fan header was, then read about MSI mobos naming them as sys_fan.

In addition to their technical skills, a good computer technician must be able to keep up with technological advancements and understand how they might impact existing equipment. In order to stay current, many technicians pursue industry certifications which may increase their opportunities in the field.

Those who are interested in becoming a computer technician can prepare for their careers through technical Certificate and Degree programs at CIAT. These programs provide skill-based training, industry certification preparation and career services support – all essential for an effective and successful computer technician career.

To get started on your journey as a computer technician, check out our 15-week Computer Technician Certificate program. Then contact us to discuss how you can earn your degree at a technical, vocational college that is passionate about helping students transform their lives through career success.

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