Become an Electrician in Syracuse NY

Electricians syracuse ny are licensed contractors whose job is to install, repair and maintain electrical systems in buildings, homes, businesses and industrial plants. The career is full of variety, with the skills learned in an electrician training program providing a solid base for other opportunities in the trade.

How do I become an electrician?

An electrician needs to pass two exams to become a licensed contractor in New York. The first is a written exam covering the National Electrical Code and other pertinent information. The second is a practical test that evaluates the applicant’s ability to do field work. Licensing usually takes two or three years. The applicant must also have at least seven and a half years of relevant experience.

Many reputable electricians have apprentices and journeymen who assist them in projects. These workers may be paid a lower hourly rate than the Master Electrician who supervises them. However, the quality of their work is typically higher and warrantied.

When a professional visits your home to perform a service, clear away fragile items and knickknacks. This will save you money on re-doing their work after they leave. In addition, prepare a list of what you want them to do before they arrive. Electricians have a limited amount of time to complete each call, so it’s best to be specific.

A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering can lead to a variety of careers in the industry, from design engineer to project manager. The degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It’s also possible to broaden your perspective with a study abroad program at Syracuse University’s campus in Strasbourg, France or through the school’s World Partner program at the University of South Wales.

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