Authentic Custom Defenders

Custom Defenders are an iconic vehicle and a great investment for car enthusiasts, collectors and those diversifying their portfolio. With the right design and master craftsmanship, a custom Defender is an unforgettable one-of-a-kind classic.

Are defenders reliable?

ECD Automotive Design ecdautodesign (formerly East Coast Defender) is an unmatched industry leader in Land Rover Defender restoration, offering a world-class experience that allows you to personalize your new vehicle from a redesigned interior and performance upgrades fit for the 21st century. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your Defender will transform from its original state to the custom icon you want it to be.


English-based Overfinch, recently expanding to North America, specializes in frame-up complete custom rebuilds of European Defenders. The company offers a la carte performance options and builds a wide range of vehicles, from the overlanding-ready Project Invictus to the beefy, luxed-out Switchback 110. Their LS-swapped engines make their builds as close to a new Defender as you can get in the U.S., and their bespoke styling and custom paint work will turn heads wherever you go.

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