Twisted Cotton Rope

Twisted Cotton Rope

Twisted Cotton Rope is a beautiful, soft and natural product. Perfect for Macrame, weaving and other creative projects. It is also a great material to use as tent line as it is resistant to varied weather conditions and UV degradation. This is a three strand rope that is made with the highest quality 100% cotton fibers. Unlike most other cotton ropes, ours is colored with non-toxic dyes. This enables you to match your color theme with other colors in your project or event. URL

Our twisted cotton rope is produced in the USA and sourced from sustainable American cotton farms. It is then twisted and braided in the USA on machines that have been making this type of rope for over 125 years! It is not the strongest rope that we offer, but it is beautiful and ideal for many applications.

Soft and Strong: The Perfect Combination in Twisted Cotton Rope

The twist in a twisted or braided rope serves more than just to keep the strands together, it also helps to evenly distribute the tension of the load among all of the strands of the rope. This makes it much stronger than a straight or smooth rope of the same size and construction.

All natural, twisted cotton rope is safe for pets as it does not contain any man-made materials that can be harmful if ingested. It is also a great choice for pet toys, rugs, baskets and other in-home items because it is durable and washable.

Our twisted cotton ropes are available in various length options by the foot or 100 feet. They can be purchased uncolored or dyed. Dying cotton ropes is simple and can be done using plants, fruits, or other naturally colored items.